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Fred George is a consultant with over 40 years experience in the industry including over twenty years doing object programming and a decade doing Agile/XP. He counts at least 60 languages with which he has written code. A veteran of the IBM-Microsoft wars, Fred did early work in computer networking, LAN's, GUI's and objects for IBM. He gave the first Agile/XP experience report at OOPSLA about an embedded system done in Java, and has mentored many clients in use of objects in Java under an XP process. He has shared the stage at JavaOne with Martin Fowler, acting as his foil, and assisted in XP Immersion sessions with Kent Beck, Ron Jeffries, and Robert Martin. IN 2007, he joined an Internet advertising firm, TrafficBroker. He believes in objects, lean processes, fun in programming, and the client's successes. He holds a bachelors degree from N. C. State University in Computer Science, and a masters degree from MIT in the Management of Technology. Oh, and he still writes code!

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