Mr Glenn Hinks

Expert Overview

Glenn graduated in 1991, no google, no iPhones, no www. Things have gotten much better, he started off writing software for fly by wire aircraft, moved into satellite & communications, worked in investments, tried his very best at startups and is still having a wonderful time. For the last few positions, he has had great team building experiences. There are certainly a great number of great people to hire but you have to work to find them, woe them and mentor them. When Glenn looks back every graduate he has hired has ended up at a great gig at a great company even if they started off small.

Currently, Glenn is really interested in the evolution of JavaScript and how all the new features are coming into the language. With Node on the backend and Webpack on the front you can do more with less code.

Glenn is somewhat obsessed with Linting and unit testing and he think's Eslint has taught him as much about JavaScript as he has taught himself. Thank you contributors.

In the day Glenn wrote in the parent languages of C & C++, these are great for some things. Glenn has gone from functional to class based back to functional and has had a great experience. He has really enjoyed the adoption of JavaScript as a fully fledged language. It is not just Brendon Eich's 5 day meander. It is now fully accepted in the enterprise. Glenn believes that Javascript of all the languages has adopted all the best practices that are only really given a nod and a wink in others.

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Talks I've Given