Goswin Rothenthal

Goswin Rothenthal is an architect, façade engineer and software developer. He specialises in design, analysis, optimisation and automation of architectural façades from non-regular geometries. His challenge is to turn the architectural idea into a feasible structure while staying true to the design intent.

Goswin is using state of the art 3D & BIM software and is very often programming himself to be really capable of efficiently represent the relationship of building elements and optimise the geometry to manufacturing constraints.

His custom software models are capable of integrating the entire design process from the initial geometry setout all the way down to the 2D information or mashinecode required for manufacturing. He recently used this process at Waagner Biro for the cladding of Louvre Abu Dhabi and before on the façades of COD-Macao and CityLife-Milano Towers at Zaha Hadid.

Talks I've Given