Guillaume LaForge

Expert Overview

Guillaume is the Groovy Project Manager. Along with Graeme Rocher, he founded G2One, the company dedicated to sustaining and leading the development of both Groovy / Grails and providing professional services around those technologies.

In November 2008, their company was acquired by SpringSource, as Groovy and Grails bring additional weapons to the SpringSource portfolio to fight the war on Enterprise Java complexity. Later on, in 2009, SpringSource became part of VMware, and as of 2013 has been spinoff in Pivotal, where Guillaume continues leading the development of Groovy.

You can meet Guillaume at conferences around the world where he evangelizes the Groovy dynamic language, Domain-Specific Languages in Groovy, and the agile Grails web framework. Guillaume co-authored Manning's best-seller Groovy in Action.

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Talks I've Given