Ian Randolph

Expert Overview

Ian’s mission is to make work not suck. He’s passionate about helping teams and individuals operate from authenticity and joy. He’s also a big picture guy and loves putting everything into context.

Ian has some experience building successful products and teams. He’s an ex-founder who has led teams from 2 to 50 to build cutting edge products including predictive shopping interfaces, AI personal coaches, and SaaS psychometric solutions. He’s now a senior product owner at Trainline where he’s had a hand in many of its most interesting innovations, including the UK’s first true e-ticket, Trainline’s new mobile website, and price prediction on the app.

In addition to his professional experience, Ian brings a few interesting ideas from his BA in Cognitive Science from Yale University and MSc in Decision Science from the London School of Economics. He loves video games, barefoot running, and generally trying everything at least once.

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Talks I've Given