James Kulina

Expert Overview

James Kulina is currently Chief Operating Officer at HyperHQ, a startup working to bring secure Container-as-a-Service to the masses. Prior to HyperHQ, James worked at Red Hat in the Openstack product group focusing on devops solutions. Prior to Red Hat, James worked at Paris based Openstack professional services startup eNovance, which was acquired by Red Hat in 2014. Prior to eNovance, James worked at AT&T in variety of managerial and technical roles within cloud and network services business units.

Things I'm Doing
Talks I've Given

Talks I've Given

  • Multi-Tenant Kubernetes

    Featuring James Kulina

    Today Kubernetes is mostly employed in single tenant deployment, either private cloud, or as a COE on top of IaaS. By leveraging virtualized container like Hyper, Kubernetes will be the core of multi-tenant Container-as-a-Service. This talk will present Hypernetes, a secure Kubernetes distro...