Expert Overview

Jan is mainly a Javascript developer mostly focusing on games for over 6+ years now, before that he has been building games and apps on Android platform. Jan has experience with many web development tools such as AngularJS and have successfully build projects for a number of different clients.

In the past he was an active competitor on TopCoder platform and made it to the world finals TCO13 in 2013.

Jan also enjoys going to tech conferences and startup events where his best experience was winning AngelHack Berlin in 2013 which evolved in trying to start up his own company. Unfortunately that was not successful but it gave him a lot of insights to the startup tech industry.

Lately Jan's mostly been busy working in Gibraltar for a company called Playtech where he works on building Javascript games and everything related to that.

Jan tweets at @janambrozic.

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Talks I've Given

Talks I've Given