Jean-Paul Varwijk

Expert Overview

Jean-Paul Varwijk is an “agilest” and a software tester. He has been active in IT since 1998 and particularly software testing since 2004. He mostly works as senior test analyst and Thought Leader Test at Rabobank in the Netherlands but he also runs an independent Software Testing Consultancy called Arborosa, which brings him across Europe and occasionally to the USA. Jean-Paul is active in the agile and software testing community and is member of Agile Holland, Federation of Agile Testers, Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing (DEWT) and International Society of Software Testing. He is instructor in Black Box Software Testing (BBST) and has a Black Belt in the Miagi Do school of software testing. All to share teach and learn the art and skills of being an agile software tester.

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Talks I've Given