Jeremy Walker

Expert Overview

Jeremy is the co-founder of Exercism (an education platform where you can improve your programming skills through practice and mentorship), Kaido (a leading employee motivation + wellbeing product), the founder and CEO of Thalamus (solving meaningful, real-world problems with artificial intelligence) and a non-executive director at Beatfreeks (start up social enterprise engaging young people through arts activities, skills training and leadership opportunities).

Jeremy's love of computing started age 8 when he received a computer for his birthday and started programming. By 14 he was programming in multiple languages and building professional websites for customers. Jeremy formalised his training with a degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Birmingham and he has spent the last decade creating high-quality software for customers from startups to FTSE50s. He has specialised in web-based applications specifically using the Ruby language and is well respected in the Ruby community. He also has deep interest in artificial intelligence and in working with complex data.

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Talks I've Given