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Joseph Yoder, founder and principal of The Refactory, is an agilist, computer scientist, and pattern author. Joe serves as president of the board of The Hillside Group, a group dedicated to improving the quality of life of everyone who uses, builds, and encounters software systems. He is best known as an author of the Big Ball of Mud pattern, which illuminates many fallacies in software architecture. Joe teaches and mentors developers on agile and lean practices, architecture, building flexible systems, clean design, patterns, refactoring, and testing. Joe thinks software is still too hard to change. He wants to do something about this and believes that you can start solving this problem by using best practices (patterns) and by putting the ability to change software into the hands of the people with the knowledge to change it. On a personal side, Joe resides in Urbana, Illinois, is an avid amateur photographer, motorcycle enthusiast, and enjoys samba dancing!!!

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Talks I've Given