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Junfeng is the Co-founder and CEO of NimbelDroid.

He is an expert in software systems and tools, a pioneer in leveraging formal program analysis techniques to check real-world software. He is also Associate Professor at Columbia University where he co-invented the initial NimbleDroid technology. He was a consultant and researcher at Microsoft. He earned his PhD in CS at Stanford. He has been working on making performant, reliable, and secure software for over 15 years. His inventions have been applied to analyze, test, debug, monitor, and optimize real-world software, including Android, Linux, Berkeley DB, and production systems at Microsoft and VMware, benefiting hundreds of millions of users. His work has been covered by presses including Communications of ACM and The Register, and won many awards. He has published and refereed in many top systems, security, programming languages, and software engineering conferences.

Yunfeng tweets at @junfengy.

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Talks I've Given