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EGM - Data, ML & AI

The ubiquitous availability of data - on everything from our shopping habits to soil salinity - is driving one of the biggest transformations of a generation, which is in equal parts exciting and alarming. How do businesses remain competitive and ethical? How do we use ‘intelligent’ machines to augment the work of humans rather than supplanting them?

Dr Kendra Vant is an industry leader in building data-driven products to solve problems for businesses and their customers around the world, by harnessing emerging artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

With a career spanning four countries, and eight industries, she has led technology teams at Xero, SEEK, Telstra and Deloitte. At Xero Kendra heads a global team of developers, machine learning specialists and data practitioners using emerging practices and technologies to make data work harder to deliver valuable insights to small businesses.

After doctoral studies in experimental quantum physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kendra completed her postdoctoral work in applied quantum computing at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Since then, she has worked in bespoke systems development, in generating business insights from data and is now focussed on applying machine learning to create personalised experiences in an increasingly connected world.

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Talks I've Given