Luke Chadwick

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Luke Chadwick is a kiwi-born geek with a long-held passion for emerging technologies. He currently leads REA Group’s REALABS team, as they help revolutionise the way the world experiences property. He is widely involved in the Australian tech community including work for Random Hacks of Kindness, Railscamp, and Ruby Australia. He teaches software development, and avoids wasting his life savings on a startup by mentoring others around technology and innovation.

Luke found his way to his current role by constantly hacking prototypes to make people’s lives easier, until REA finally got sick of him sneaking away from what he was supposed to be doing, and made it his full-time job. The team has developed an ecosystem of people and partners that span the globe, among other things covering the chain of technologies required to make virtual reality possible for consumers.

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Talks I've Given