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Neil Mitchell is a Haskell programmer who lives in Cambridge with his wife Emily and his son Henry. Neil has a PhD in Computer Science from York University, working on making functional programs shorter, faster and safer. Since then he's worked with F# at Credit Suisse and Haskell/F#/C++ at Standard Chartered and Barclays, taking the lessons of functional programming and applying them in finance.

Neil is a strong believer in the functional approach, finding the combination of conciseness, static-typing and testability to offer significant advantages. He is currently developing a number of open source Haskell projects, all of which can be found on his Github page or on Hackage. He welcomes both contributions via pull requests and bug reports via the GitHub issue trackers. Some of my more popular projects include:

  • Shake - a library for writing build systems, an alternative to make.
  • Hoogle - a Haskell API search engine, searching the standard Haskell libraries by function name and type signature.
  • HLint - a tool that suggests stylistic improvements to Haskell code.

Check out Neil's blog and follow him on Twitter @ndm_haskell.

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Talks I've Given