Niki Vazou

Expert Overview

Research Assistant Professor
IMDEA Software Institute

Niki dreams of bringing formal verification into everyday programming and she pursues her dream at IMDEA.

Haskell is her favorite programming language because she finds programming with functions the natural way to go and also she never figured out how to prevent null pointer, runtime exceptions.

She started her computer science education in NTUA, Athens, Greece. She earned her Ph.D. at UC San Diego where she and her team developed Liquid Haskell that extends Haskell types with logic with a goal to catch more exceptions before runtime. Since then, she has been pushing to turn Liquid Haskell into a theorem prover, so that all Haskellers can prove random theorems about their programs within Haskell!

After UCSD, she spent some time as a postdoctoral fellow at University of Maryland. Niki's research interests include refinement types, automated program verification, and type systems and her goal is to make theorem proving a useful part of mainstream programming. Liquid Haskell is an SMT-based, refinement type checker for Haskell programs that has been used for various applications ranging from fully automatic light verification of Haskell code, e.g., bound checking, to sophisticated theorem proving, e.g., non-interference.

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Talks I've Given