Oliver Charles

Expert Overview

Oliver first discovered Haskell in late 2011, mostly curious as to what this radically different language was all about. After successfully type-checking his first program, he was hooked by the language's combination of succinctness and expressivity, and fascinated by the rich amount of theory and rigour behind the concepts.

Fast forward to 2014, and Oliver is perhaps best known for his yearly 24 Days of Hackage series of blog posts, where he spends 24 days at the end of the year blogging about different Haskell libraries. Whether it's game programming, database querying, type safety, or high performant data processing - there's probably a library about it that he's blogged about!

Oliver is currently the author of a collection of Haskell libraries, a developer for CircuitHub.com, and an active speaker with the London Haskell User Group.

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Talks I've Given