Professor Shaogang Gong

Sean Gong is a pioneer on video behaviour analysis and a world authority on person re-identification in visual surveillance.

He served on the Steering Panel of the UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser's Science Review. He has published over 400 academic papers in computer vision and machine learning (Google Scholar Citations 19,072, H-index 73), 2 research monographs on behaviour recognition (2011) and face recognition (2000), and 5 edited books on person re-identification (2014), video analysis for business intelligence (2012), and face and gesture analysis (2007, 2005, 2003).

He has been the Professor of Visual Computation at Queen Mary since 2001 and is the Director of the Queen Mary Computer Vision Group (3 profs, 1 reader, 3 senior lecturers, 35 PhDs and postdocs).

He is the Chief Scientist of three start-up companies. A commercial system developed based on his research has won the 2017 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Technical Innovation on Law Enforcement Video Forensics Technology, and the 2017 ADS (Aerospace Defence Security) Innovation Award for revolutionary solution to reviewing CCTV footage.

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