Raomal Perera

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Founder & Executive Chairman Founder & Executive Chairman, HEBE Adventures

Raomal Perera’s latest venture is HEBE Adventures, an Airbnb for student travel. He is a veteran of multiple entrepreneurial ventures and an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at INSEAD & UCD, where he currently teaches and studies design thinking, entrepreneurship, innovation and the management of rapidly growing companies.

Raomal co-founded ISOCOR and was the Senior Vice President of Engineering and listed as one of the two ‘key employees’ in the listing documents when it was floated on the NASDAQ in 1996. The company was subsequently acquired by Critical Path in 1999. He then founded Network365, a mobile payments company. The company acquired US company iPIN in 2003 and rebranded to Valista. Valista a leader in developing mobile payments technology was acquired by Aepona in 2009 and Aepona was acquired by Intel in 2013.

Raomal was the first recipient of the Irish Software Association’s (ISA) Outstanding Software Achievement Award in 2003. He was also a finalist in the Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year" awards. Raomal was one of 40 entrepreneurs worldwide chosen to the prestigious World Economic Forum (WEF) as a technology pioneer. Headed by Raomal, Valista also won a number of industry accolades, ranging from the Wall Street Journal Innovation GOLD award for business, and the Mobile World Congress Award for the most innovative product. In 2018, Raomal was inducted into the "Hall of Fame" at the Business Excellence Institute.

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