Richard Siddaway

I have been working with Microsoft technologies for over 25 years having spent time in most IT roles. I have been interested in automation techniques for that whole time – DevOps is the current cumulation of that thinking. PowerShell caught my interest when I first heard about it and I have been using it since the early beta versions. I am a multi-year PowerShell MVP. I have given numerous talks on PowerShell at various events in the UK, Europe and the USA. I have written two PowerShell books: PowerShell in Practice (Manning 2010) and PowerShell and WMI (Manning 2012) and co-authored PowerShell in Depth (Manning 2013, 2015) and PowerShell Deep Dive (Manning 2013). An introductory book on managing Active Directory (including the use of PowerShell) – Learn Active Directory in a Month of Lunches was published by Manning in 2014. I’m currently working on the third edition of PowerShell in Action with Bruce Payette.

Talks I've Given