Richard Taylor

Expert Overview

Richard is CTO of CriticalBlue, a UK technology company specializing in mobile app security. He started his career as a developer specializing in compiler technologies with a particular focus in low level code optimization techniques. In 2002 he co-founded CriticalBlue to focus on his innovations in compilation technologies, developing tools that automatically generate custom microprocessor architectures derived from software analysis. Over the years this technology became increasingly focused on multi-threaded software analysis for migrating sequential software implementations into multi-threaded alternatives. Richard developed a dynamic binary instrumentation technology to analyse x86, ARM, MIPS and PowerPC compiled applications on the fly to derive low level performance, cache impact and data dependency information. This technology was used in performance optimization of the Android Operating System for certain OEMs. Aspects of this technology have now been applied to CriticalBlue's Approov mobile application security solution that enables remote attestation to be performed on mobile apps to allow API providers to ensure that only official apps are able to access API services

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