Roger Qiu

Expert Overview

Principal Machine Learning Engineer Consultant
Matrix AI

Roger Qiu is a Software Entrepreneur/Engineer specialising in cloud infrastructure automation, computer-vision artificial intelligence, geographic information systems and front-end architecture.

He is the founder of Matrix AI (, a Sydney based company that provides end to end machine learning application consulting services, and invented the Matrix Operating System for Cloud, Machine Learning and IoT orchestration.

Roger Qiu is currently the Principal Machine Learning Engineer Consultant leading the data team at Formbay (, the leading SaaS platform for paperless management of Solar Trading Credit applications and document workflow management. Formbay's data team is engaged in projects involving image classification of photographic evidence, object detection of solar panels in aerial and satellite imagery, and document analysis of paper forms.

Roger Qiu loves piloting sailplanes and is a member of the Southern Cross Gliding Glub! ✈✈✈

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Talks I've Given