Sabine Wojcieszak

Expert Overview

Sabine is an expert in collaboration, communication, and leadership. She has been working on these topics with teams and organizations since 1991 in order to make changes more sustainable and to better utilize potential by increasing motivation, self-responsibility, and more fun at work.

For her, thinking outside the box and constantly putting one’s own behavior and internal processes to the test are the prerequisites for continuous improvement!

Developing a productive corporate culture, using helpful feedback as an improvement tool, and visualizing work are important steps for the business success of their customers - especially in tech projects, which come with the ongoing digitization.

Agile working, New Work, DevOps, and Lean Thinking are ways to achieve these goals. Particularly close to her heart are the topics around dealing positively with mistakes, appreciation, open communication, creating business agility, innovation culture, modern leadership, and the Lean Startup method.

As a lecturer at Kiel UAS, she has motivated students to deal with the topic of agile project management, DevOps, and working in and with open source projects. She engages herself as a mentor for startups and women in tech. Sabine is frequently speaking at international tech conferences, and also writing blog posts and articles.

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