Sebastien Lambla

Next speaking on 11th September 2019 in London, at ProgNET London 2019

Sebastien is an international bits fiddler. A big fan of ReSTing all the things, he's lean and agile, and can create bugs in most languages.

From 2006, Sebastien has been running Caffeine IT, a consultancy helping clients from all over Europe implement first-grade and innovative solutions.

Keen Open-Source promoter, Sebastien has created multiple high-profile open-source projects that are in use in many Fortune 500 companies, including OpenRasta, the most popular resource-oriented framework on .net, and OpenWrap, an alternative package manager for the .net platform.

Long-time advocate of the ReST architectural style and resource-oriented computing, Sebastien has delivered over the years new platforms leveraging the architecture of the web, from small independent companies to Enterprise-scale architectures.

An enticing and motivational speaker, Sebastien has delivered hundreds of talks, from small user-groups to some of the largest running European conferences.

Attentive and knowlegeable, Sebastien has also delivered hundreds of hours of training to classes of all sizes and skills, on nHibernate, ReST, web technologies, distributed architectures and many other subjects.

Since April 2013, building on his experience designing and delivering resource-oriented architectures and his training classes, Sebastien has started the writing of a book on the subject: Practical Rest.

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