Soledad Galli

Expert Overview

Soledad is a Lead Data Scientist with experience in Finance and Insurance, and a Udemy instructor of machine learning courses. Soledad has 3+ years of experience in data science and analytics in finance and insurance, and 10+ years of experience in scientific research in academia. While working in finance and insurance, Sole Researched, developed and put into production machine learning models for insurance motor Claims, to assess Credit Risk and to prevent Fraud.

Having transitioned from academia to data science, Soledad is passionate about enabling data scientists and academics to transition into the field, and helping data scientists increase their breadth of knowledge. Over the last 2 years, Soledad shared insights in blogs and talks for the data science community. She also created 3 online courses on machine learning which are live in Udemy, enrolled 8000+ students worldwide and continue to receive excellent reviews from students. Soledad is passionate about extracting meaningful information from data and supporting people and organisations make solid and reliable data driven decisions.

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Talks I've Given