Expert Overview

Sukant Hajra is a manager and team lead at SimSpace, a company providing a wide suite of products to assist enterprises with testing the security of their large-scale networks, as well as training and assessing of their security workforce. SimSpace uses Haskell heavily for a majority of their backend services, developed across nine cross-functional teams.

Before that, Sukant wrangled machine learning code for a startup with Haskell and Nix, managed an FP-friendly data science team at Rackspace, and had a few jobs in the enterprise Java space. Somewhere in the middle of all that was a lot of Scala.

Before programming for a living, Sukant had a prior career as a yield enhancement engineer in a variety of Motorola semiconductor factories. He has a BSEE and MSCS from The University of Texas at Austin, and also lives in Austin with his wife and dog. When not working, or dealing with worldwide pandemics, he likes to play a fretless electric bass that he's had since he was a much younger man.

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Talks I've Given