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Ex International Opera singer Susan Heaton-Wright shares her Executive Voice coaching with Directors, Teams and individuals in Business, Universities and organizations around the world. With her clients often being asked to feature on Sky News, Radio 4 and headline industry conferences globally she uses all her experience as a performer and teacher to enable clients to make an impact when they speak.

Susan is a graduate of Durham University. She was formerly a professional opera singer: performing as a soloist throughout UK, in France, Italy, Spain and USA. She appeared on BBC1, Radio 3, and major venues and as soprano soloist on TV adverts. She is now the creative director of Viva Live Music

Susan speaks and has been interviewed for the radio internationally. She trains senior executive and c-suite executives on being the very best versions of themselves in a variety of business communication situations.

Susan was a very shy teenager, who was too nervous to speak in class. Yet she went on to perform as a soloist in front of audiences of 3000+ Susan always shares secret tips and tricks she has learnt from her days as a performer, as well as her extensive knowledge of the voice and performance.

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Talks I've Given