Tim Condon

Expert Overview

Tim is a software engineer at the BBC, working on the mobile playback team responsible for all aspects of media playback on iOS and Android. Additionally, he is responsible for the CI systems used to build and release every mobile application in the BBC.

Outside of the BBC, Tim runs Broken Hands, a company specialising in Vapor and Server-Side Swift. A Vapor expert, he has presented at conferences around the world, including AltConf and iOSDevUK. He has published a book on Vapor and produced a video course for raywenderlich.com. He also organises meet-ups around the world, including NSManchester, Vapor London and Vapor @ WWDC. He recently organises the world's first conference for Swift on the server in Berlin, ServerSide.swift.

Things I'm Doing
Talks I've Given

Talks I've Given