Expert Overview

Tomasz is an advocate of modern JavaScript solutions. Experienced in both frontend and backend, he's keen on designing interfaces and APIs for long-living enterprise systems. Tomasz aims to provide a truly scalable architecture, solving both technical and organisational issues.

He considers software development as a challenge of creating small and maintainable pieces of code that provide big business profit.

Tomasz takes part in international projects from financial and data analysis sectors, currently working in Cybercom Poland as Senior Software Consultant. After work, he makes presentations and workshops on JavaScript, Python and Java related technologies. TDD, CI, agile are also among his interests. Additionally, Tomasz is the co-author and maintainer of JSON-Schema-Faker project.

Tomasz tweets at @tomasz_ducin, and Tomasz's website can be found here.

Things I'm Doing
Talks I've Given

Talks I've Given