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Skills Matter is a community of technology creators and adopters, coming together to learn and share the latest technologies, insights, experience and skills. We help engineering teams gain insights and skills through engagement with our uniquely experienced and influential community of engineers who provide a competitive edge to thousands of tech-driven businesses in Finance, Media, Retail and Technology.

I believe that technology teams are the economic multipliers in any global business today. To meet complex and fast changing business needs, technology teams need to stay current with an ever expanding universe of technologies. I founded Skills Matter to support technology teams in meeting this challenge. Since, we have been pioneering new ways to support our members in the learning and sharing of ever evolving technologies, practices, skills, ideas and experience, brought together on our continuous learner platform, online and offline and every day.

I am very proud of the thriving ecosystem our community has evolved into over the years, the depth and breadth of skills and expertise shared here every day is simply incredible! I look forward to the years ahead, when we will be launching ever more channels and ways to share this expertise with the global engineering community, and love to hear your thoughts and ideas to make it happen.

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Talks I've Given