Meet up

Ruby Golf

Monday, 9th May in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in May 2011


Ruby Golf

Andrew McDonough will run a practical evening based around 'ruby golf'. People will be asked to form teams of 4-8 people, and solve nine short ruby golf 'holes' using as few characters as possible. Each hole will be defined by a set of RSpec examples describing a single method, and the teams must write the method to pass all of the examples

Andrew McDonough

Andrew has been writing software professionally for 15 years. He cofounded Tribesports, a sports brand and vertically-integrated ecommerce company. These days, he works as a consultant CTO and technical advisor to several London-based startups. In his spare time, he organises Techrunners, a running group for people working in the technology industry.

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