Monday, 11th December in London

This meetup was organised by Project Data Analytics in December 2017


Lessons Not Learned Again and Again

Martin Paver has collated a dataset of over 10,000 lessons identified and will be sharing a wide range of fascinating insights. He continues his quest to bring transparency for the public good by securing access to information in the public domain that wouldn't otherwise be available. Data analytics is at the very core of this work. He will be using these insights to shine a light on the barriers that impede lessons being learned, highlight why a one size fits all process cannot work and challenge established thinking with a view to transforming how organisations leverage value from past delivery. Noting our economic trajectory, its something that we can't afford to ignore.

Martin Paver

Martin Paver, CEO and Founder of Projecting Success Ltd, has nearly 30 years experience delivering projects, programmes and portfolios, ranging from cutting edge research through to a $1bn infrastructure project. He passionately believes that society could be doing much more to leverage the experience that is accrued from delivering projects and use this to transform future delivery productivity.

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