Monday, 20th November at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in November 2017


5 Ways To Keep Docs Up To Date

Project documentation often falls into a cycle of disrepair: it's not read because it's not up to date, and not up to date because nobody reads it. This is a talk about how we tried to break that cycle for GOV.UK's internal developer documentation. I'll cover what we tried, what works & what doesn't, and how to employ a punny chat bot to help you.

Tijmen Brommet

Tijmen is a Lead Developer in GOV.UK at the Government Digital Service.

Mock Objects: Delicious and Addictive

You must mock, but where do you begin? Where do you end? And how do you know when to stop? A cautionary tale. Duncan Brown will talk about the mocking library stripe-ruby-mock (

Duncan Brown

Duncan Brown is a Ruby developer at dxw (, making software for the public sector. In his spare time he is the publisher of The Browser (

OpenPolitics: Making Policy With Open Source Ideas

The OpenPolitics project is a collaborative political policy-writing platform. Started as an experiment in using open source principles outside the world of tech, it’s grown into a tool (written in Ruby) that allows anyone with a good idea to take a direct role in writing policy. This talk will explain how the project started, how the system evolved, and how it currently works atop git and GitHub to make open source workflows democratic and accessible by non-developers.

James Smith

James is Head of Engineering at Apolitical, an organisation connecting public servants from around the world to share their best ideas. He was previously Head of Labs at the Open Data Institute, and is passionate about using open source and web technology to build a better future for all.

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