Meet up

An Introduction to Elm for the JavaScript Developer

Tuesday, 28th November at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London JavaScript Community in November 2017


An Introduction to Elm for the JavaScript Developer

Elm is a delightful functional language for reliable webapps. It is garnering a lot of excitement and a rapidly growing and friendly community.

Elm compiles to Javascript and has some exciting features such as great performance, no runtime exceptions, automatically enforced semver, and the most wonderful error messages you've likely ever seen.

Come see an interactive introduction to Elm, featuring explanation, live coding, and as many questions and answers as attendees can think up.

Mario Rogic

Mario is a highly driven technology aficionado with a particular love for the web, snowboarding, and a ridiculous pursuit of endless new hobbies. He believes technology should make life simple and joyful, and he enjoys being able to prove so.

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