Meet up

Elixir London- November

Wednesday, 29th November in London

This meetup was organised by Elixir London in November 2017


Don't miss this month's Elixir London where we'll be having talks on multi-AZ clustering, the Erlang ecosystem, ExUnit, building Elixir and more!

Elixir Multi-AZ Clustering Case Study

A case study on how we achieve multi-AZ clustering in Elixir with Evadne Wu. Check it out.

Evadne Wu

Evadne is a Technologist. Visa collector. OSS contributor. International Woman of Mystery. Self-proclaimed deep thinker.

Tracing on the Shoulders of Giants

The Erlang ecosystem comes with many almost magical tools. But sometimes using them in the Elixir context is less than straightforward... Or is it?

Jacek Krolikowski

I love functional programming, coffee, and climbing. Software engineer at

On ExUnit

A years worth of ExUnit learnings in 10 minutes with Elliot Hilaire

Elliott Hilaire

Programmer • Cyclist • Photographer (Aussie in London) I write Ruby and Elixir at Square Enix.

From Local to Deployable : Building the Hard Way

What are the options to build elixir? Why Releases? What different steps and phases are there to a build? How do you handle assets? An overview of the existing tools around building!

Thomas Depierre

Product Developer at Ascential by day, mess cleaner by night

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