Monday, 11th December at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in December 2017


How I Met "Double Dutch" and He Helped To Remedy Fear of Injection.

In this presentation we will look at a Double Dispatch pattern, Excel(spreadsheet) injection, how they go together and why fighting (accidental) code complexity matters.

Marek Labos

London based Ruby developer who constantly learns how to become a better programmer and also enjoys helping others achieve the same goal. In free time trying to learn Go.

Everyday Cryptography - Talking About Crypto Without Complex Maths

By focussing on the key concepts, rather than the exotic maths, Xavier hopes he can initiate more people into understanding what good security looks like without having to take a University course. For those who already know their MACs from their IKEs, he hopes this talk offers some useful ways of communicating these concepts to colleagues, friends and family.

Xavier Riley

Xavier is a developer working at Kyan in Guildford. Likes to talk about anything to do with Ruby, Clojure and jazz guitar.

Fun with an Amazon Echo, Ruby and Recipes

Voice interfaces open up so many interesting possibilities and in this talk Miles'll show you how to very quickly build and deploy a useful "skill" with Ruby, and at the same time, make sure you hopefully don't burn the dinner.

Miles Woodroffe

Miles heads up technology at Cookpad Ltd where the mission is simple - to make everyday cooking fun. Now based in Bristol, UK after spending 10 years at various startups in San Francisco and then the last 7 years at Cookpad in Tokyo, Japan, he’s been coding with Ruby since 2007. Previously a sound engineer, Miles toured the world in the 90’s, being fortunate to work with some of the biggest artists of the times

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