Meet up

2018: The Year of PWA

Thursday, 25th January in London

This meetup was organised by London Progressive Web Apps in January 2018


Let's kickstart a new year with London Progressive Web Apps January event!

Tame your Service Worker

I'll show the examples of how easy the "Progressive" part of the PWA term could become "Regressive" and how to fix this. The session includes advanced techniques and edge use cases.

Maxim Salnikov

Maxim Salnikov is Oslo-based Web UI Engineer. He develops complex web applications since the end of the last century and has extensive experience with all aspects of web front-end: UX/UI prototyping, HTML/CSS/JS, main frameworks, progressive web apps. Maxim is a founder and active contributor to two conferences: Mobile Era and ngVikings - Nordics’ main conferences for mobile and Angular developers respectively.

How to not break your site with Service Workers

The advent of Service Workers has brought a lot of additional power to web applications. In conjunction with the Cache API the two can allow developers to override the default network request behaviour of the browser, augmenting it with their own logic and caching workflows. In this talk we will see the potential ways you could end up doing something adverse for your users in your app (if even by accident!) and how you can avoid these potential pitfalls.

James Milner

James is a fullstack software developer with a history of building immersive web applications with both corporates and startups.

PWAs - more than lighter mobile apps

There is a lot of confusion about what Progressive Web Apps are and if everything we do now should be one. Let's talk instead about what the tech stack that allows for PWAs can solve a lot of problems across the board - desktop apps, mobile apps and web sites. PWAs are a great opportunity to refresh what we do already, not build another round of apps in a different format that may be obsolete by the time we release.

Christian Heilmann

Christian Heilmann is a geek and hacker by heart. He’s been a professional web developer for about eleven years and worked his way through several agencies up to Yahoo where he delivered Yahoo Maps Europe and Yahoo Answers.

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