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Inspire creation with technology such as the Raspberry Pi over a pint.

Tuesday, 25th September in London

This meetup was organised by Raspberry Pint in September 2018


Are you working on a Raspberry Pi project? Would you like some help, or are interested in sharing what you know? Join this month's Raspberry Pint!

EMF Camp Debrief

Ben will deliver a postcard from emfcamp 2018, which happened last month. He'll tell you what emfcamp is, show a few of his personal favourites, do a bit of raspberry pi spotting, and give a hands on demo of the latest legendary emfcamp badge.

Ben Clifford

Ben's career has spanned supercomputing, distributed systems, and programming languages, and taken him all across the world from Los Angeles to Johannesburg. Most recently he has been based in London taking Haskell work where he can find it.

Pi Fighter 2.0

Richard went back and reworked an old project first presented to Raspberry Pint about 2 years ago. The basic idea is to fight famous characters by measuring the strength of the player’s attack against a heavy bag that acts as a proxy. It is essentially a simple video game that gives you a proper workout and will improve your punching power and speed – it should also reduce your stress levels.

This project has better hardware, better code, and a better Richard (not so sure about that last one – maybe just older...).

The presentation will concentrate on the major differences from rev 1 and the journey to get there. The concepts will be explained in case you want to make use of the ideas in your own project. Still a lot of work to do, but ready for an outing in the real world.

Richard Kirby

Richard Kirby is a Raspberry Pint organiser during his free time, but spends his days and some weekends talking about and playing with trains (big trains by some standards, smaller by others) and signalling systems. Richard has spent most of his career in Canada (no, that is not an American accent), a good portion of it in the UK, a respectible amount in Japan, and topped off with a tiny amount of time in China.

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