Wednesday, 31st October at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Raspberry Pint in October 2018


Pi Surgery and Pi Playtime

A few small projects will be possible, including: - 6 degrees of freedom Accelerometer MPU-6050 - Neopixel matrices - Near field gesture sensing via Pimoroni’s Skywriter Hat

Learn about pinouts, I2C, and basic Python. People with more experience can just play as they want – no set rules. There is not that much time, so don’t expect too much.

This might be a useful session for people looking for help with their project – can’t guarantee though, time is limited and I have no idea who else will be there to help.

It would be cool if others brought stuff as well.

Richard Kirby

Richard Kirby is a Raspberry Pint organiser during his free time, but spends his days and some weekends talking about and playing with trains (big trains by some standards, smaller by others) and signalling systems. Richard has spent most of his career in Canada (no, that is not an American accent), a good portion of it in the UK, a respectible amount in Japan, and topped off with a tiny amount of time in China.

Inspire creation with technology such as the Raspberry Pi over a pint.

We encourage people to stand up and speak about their Raspberry Pi experiences, cool projects and give easy tutorials.

Many people bring along their projects to show off (quite right too) and get some help and advice with some sticky problem.

All are welcome!

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