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Introduction to Q# Development: Can Rob Use Entanglement to Thwart Heisenberg?

Thursday, 15th February in London

This meetup was organised by London Quantum Computing in February 2018


Introduction to Q# Development: Can Rob Use Entanglement to Thwart Heisenberg?

Detailed knowledge of quantum mechanics is not necessary, though some prior familiarity with the concepts of quantum entanglement and Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle will be useful. This is a practical talk for developers who are interesting in learning the fundamental principles of quantum programming. If you want to be a part of a revolution that will change the faces of our economy, industry, academy and society, you can start your journey here, using free development tools newly released by Microsoft. We will be straddling the boundary between theory and practice, so if you have any experience in linear algebra or complex analysis, dusting those skills off in advance will work in your favour. If you wish to become a quantum programmer, linear algebra is a prerequisite. However, the main points of the talk (specifically, we can't break the laws of physics, and quantum programming helps us understand this) will be comprehensible even if you haven't had enough time to practice matrix multiplication and complex conjugation. Like all talks at SkillsMatter, this one will be recorded, so you can return to it at your own pace if the details aren't completely lucid the first time around. Q# is a multi-paradigm language that seeks a clean separation between the algorithm being deployed and the physical architecture of the underlying quantum device. We will be using it to write a "Hello World" program with a difference: We'll explore the theoretical relationship between commutators, measurement and the Uncertainty Principle, and show, with the help of a practical Q# demonstration, that the Uncertainty Principle is more than just a limitation of our measurement tools: it is a fundamental facet of our physical reality.

The source code for this talk can be found here.

There is a good resource for dusting up your linear algebra or complex analysis skills.

Rob Lyndon

Rob trained as a mathematician and an actor. He started writing software during my PhD, following the well-trodden progression from Fortran through C and C++ to C#, discovering F# after a brief flirtation with Haskell. When he is not writing code, he trains in circus and springboard and platform diving. He is also writing a documentary on the Putney Debates of 1647.

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