Meet up

LRUG - February

Monday, 12th February at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in February 2018


Git commit signing: Code we can trust?

If someone slips a hack into homebrew all of our machines could become vulnerable.

But what about our own code?

When we deploy to production, how do we know we can trust it?

What if someone pushes a hack to our github?

Will CI still push it to production?

It turns out Git has a cool feature that can help us trust the code we deploy. We'll discuss Git Commit Signing, how it can help us, and what downsides it may have.

Matthew Rudy Jacobs

Matthew has been coding since 2006 in London, Cambridge and Hong Kong. He founded the Hong Kong developer community Codeaholics, and organised Hong Kong Code Conf from 2014 to 2016.

Increase Your Quality of Life: An RSpec Primer

If you can’t be arsed to read a book about RSpec, this talk is for you.

I’m here to offer you a short but sweet look into Rspec and what it can do. It’s a list of nice to knows, but did you actually know them? Based on “Effective testing with Rspec 3” by Myron Marston and Ian Dees.

Elena Tanasoiu

I’m a Ruby on Rails developer working at Unboxed. I enjoy learning new things and asking dumb questions. I’ve been called many things, mostly by angry people on Twitter.

Things I wish I'd known about Ruby Gems

I want to give a talk that discusses a handful of topics related to rubygems, that might be interesting for devs who haven't published a gem before or don't know how they work. I'd like to discuss what a gem really is, how gem loading works, how to debug errors coming from a gem you're using and how to make your own gem.

Iain Beeston

I've been developing web apps in ruby for the last 9 years, mostly in consultancies. I used to be at New Bamboo/Thoughtbot, now at bluespot. I've published a few gems in my time and I maintain the json-schema gem.

Introduction to Active Storage

A brief introduction to Active Storage, a new library for cloud attachments in Rails applications. How to install Active Storage and integrate it with cloud services like Amazon S3. Comparison to the existing file upload solutions.

Dan Kim

Ruby on Rails and iOS developer based in Stockholm. Co-Founder at Binary Blitz.

_why Symbol#to_proc works and more

How Symbol#to_proc found its way into Ruby core, who put it there, ways it can be extended, and a crude drawing of a fish.

Simon George

Computer Science. Full stack dev, Ruby on Rails, UX, Design, 3D printing, photography and geek stuff that makes my heart sing. CTO @JobLab. My views are not my own.

Search Relevancy

A quick introduction to search result relevancy featuring GOV.UK.

Rosa Fox

Rosa is a developer at Government Digital Service and an organiser of the Code Bar.

The Human Cost of Messy Code

What are the real costs behind a messy codebase? It’s not just about being harder to change and annoying to work with. There are human costs to these decisions we make every day that have implications beyond the codebase.

Adrian Booth

Software developer working for Skills Matter

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