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Cloud Native London, February 2018

Tuesday, 6th February at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Cloud Native LDN in February 2018


Whose Job Is It!? How Kubernetes and Container Runtimes Work Together to Run Your Workloads

In addition, we'll look at how the CNCF containerd 1.0 release and the associated containerd CRI project are building a stable and performant core container execution environment for Kubernetes. We'll demonstrate how to use these CNCF projects together and do a quick demo of Kubernetes 1.9 running with containerd 1.0.1.

Phil Estes

Phil is a Senior Technical Staff Member in the office of the CTO of IBM Cloud Platform. Phil is a core contributor and maintainer on the Docker engine project where he has contributed key features like user namespace support and multi-platform image capabilities. Phil is also a founding maintainer of the CNCF containerd project, and participates in the Open Container Initiative (OCI) as a contributor to the development of runc.

Dailymotion, from a French Monolith to a Worldwide Platform: A Human Story

Smaine Kahlouch

Smaine is a senior technical lead and devops engineer at Arkena with 10 years experience in Devops, Linux and open source softwares.He built several streaming plateforms (CDN, OTT) and he's currently in charge of the engineering of Arkena's OTT Plateform.Furthermore he's the Ansible Paris meetup organizer and had talks on different topics (Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible).

Stan Chollet

Chapter Lead Core API

Monitoring in Motion: Challenges in Monitoring Kubernetes, and Dynamic Infrastructure

We will start with a crash course about monitoring and why it is important, then we will discuss new challenges that dynamic infrastructure bring around monitoring, as well as some methods for finding signal in the noise.

Finally we will jump into how to apply it all to containers running in Kubernetes.

Haïssam Kaj

Haïssam joined the Datadog team in early 2015. Here he focuses on monitoring containers and their eco-system, developing tooling to track containerized applications in a cluster and collect metrics about them, and designing how to best monitor container infrastructure at scale.

Cloud Native London, February 2018

6:30 Food and drink

7:00 Kick off

7:15 Dailymotion, from a french monolith to a worldwide platform: a human story

7:45 Monitoring in motion: Challenges in monitoring Kubernetes, and dynamic infrastructure

8:15 Break

8:30 Whose Job Is It!? How Kubernetes and container runtimes work together to run your workloads

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