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SEAM #13 - Managing Stress and Anxiety - Life is not a sprint!

Tuesday, 6th February at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Study of Enterprise Agility Meet-up (SEAM) in February 2018


How to build and mantain emotional resilience

Sometimes it seems like we are expected to be able to juggle a hundred different things and still find time to live an incredible life - no wonder we feel stressed! In this presentation, Alex will share how you can reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace, and how to effectively manage your lifestyle to foster emotional resilience. You will be given some practical techniques that you can use straight away and have your questions answered at the end of the evening.

Alex MacLellan

Alex MacLellan is a therapist and coach specialising in anxiety and stress. Alex primarily works with individuals with social anxiety and entrepreneurs to gain control of their negative thoughts, beliefs, lower stress and increase productivity. He also works with companies to reduce the stress and increase the productivity of their employees.

SEAM #13 - Managing Stress and Anxiety - Life is not a sprint!

At least once a year I like to focus on people's well being given the demands on our lives both in and out of work tend to increase continually unless we get into the habit of knowing what we can manage and deal with it accordingly. Not easy I know and it's not a surprise mental problems are on the rise globally, hence why it's an important topic.

In SEAM #13 we will be joined by MQ Mental Health's John Valentine and Ali Ryan who'll be sharing insights and experiences from being involved with the charity that can help us all on a day to day basis.

Ali will talk about the information provided in her book, The Project Done by The Foresight Mental Wellbeing Project (2008), which contains more than 80 papers and science reviews that helped her come up with 5 actions to improve personal wellbeing:

  • Connect

  • Be active

  • Take notice

  • Keep learning

  • Give

Ali Ryan

Ali is an Ambassador for MQ Mental Health, a charity which helps to fund mental health research. She's the author of 'A Blue Sky Is Calling' which follows her own mental health journey with depression. The book encourages people to look after their own mental health and champions the 5 ways to wellbeing itemised by the Foresight's Mental Capacity and Wellbeing project (2008).

SEAM #13 - Managing Stress and Anxiety - Life is not a sprint!

John Valentine

Senior Partnerships Manager at MQ: Transforming Mental Health.

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