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London PostgreSQL Users Group - February

Thursday, 15th February in London

This meetup was organised by London PostgreSQL Users Group in February 2018


Migrating a Running Postgres Environment to AWS

How to move your application database into AWS without breaking the application or dropping offline. Covering EC2 instance selection, data transfer options, backup solutions, pitfalls and flipping the switch.

Ian Hiddleston

Ian Hiddleston is a systems generalist with 7 years experience designing and running networks for a small ISP and managed services provider. He's been the lead network engineer on a couple PCI DSS audits. He's worked with Linux boxes since the early 2000's (Redhat Linux 7, not RHEL 7) but most of his experience in running systems has come from proving that it's not the networks fault.

Introduction to PostGIS and its usage

Most developers and DBAs have heard of PostGIS but not had an opportunity to use it. This talk gives an overview of what it does and some examples of how it can be used and why you would use it with PostgreSQL.

Martin Visser

From building 25 years ago building databases for the Dutch Navy, I’ve been helping customers with data and database technology ever since. More recently with open source software like Greenplum MPP, Hadoop, Postgres and many others.

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