Meet up

F# in the Cloud

Monday, 4th July at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by F# Londoners in July 2011


F# in the Cloud

Cloud computing services, such as Microsoft Windows Azure or Amazon AWS, are becoming increasingly popular as means of reducing infrastructure operating costs.

Such services offer unlimited and on-demand computational and storage resources where the underlying infrastructure is managed by the service provider.

However, in order to harness the power of the cloud, one typically follows the paradigms of distributed computing, making it a challenging task. With the F# monadic structures we can make this a lot easier.

We will talk about M-Brace, a cloud computing framework, based on the power of F# computational expressions (Monads). Through them we can express cloud based computations abstracted over the details of distribution, bringing the developer closer to the more natural computing paradigms.

George Stavroulakis

Executive consultant of Nessos IT S.A. (, an ISV which specializes in developing challenging custom solutions. High performance computing, GPU coding, Finite element modelling, jazz guitar playing and car tuning is what I like most

Gian Ntzik

Gian is a developer with the {m}brace project, and a Phd student at Imperial College London. He has had a long history of developing services and enterprise applications in .NET, before being converted to the functional programming faith. Today he uses F# to tackle the challenging issues of distributed computation.

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