Meet up

Orientation using Wardley Mapping

Wednesday, 7th March in London

This meetup was organised by Digital Leadership Meetup in March 2018


Orientation using Wardley Mapping

Uncertainty is the single, most underestimated concept of the Stacey Matrix (the predecessor of both, Cynefin and Wardley Maps). It is directly responsible for bringing unexpected changes, and very often, it cannot be removed before the project is completed. But since we know that there will be unexpected changes, can we anticipate them? Are they still unexpected? In this lecture, we will cover what uncertainty is, how we can cope with it, and which tools will help us in the IT world.

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel is a Mapping Consultant for LEF’s Wardley Maps advisory service, which helps clients anticipate market and ecosystem developments so they can see where to go and why, and the author of LEF's online Mapping course, How to Stop Self-Harm and Get Fit, designed to teach the basics of mapping and understanding value chains.

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