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LDNUG March 2018 - Code Craft, MapReduce and WSL

Thursday, 8th March at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LDNUG: London .NET User Group in March 2018


.NET Code Craft

We will look at:

Automated tests, and how they help us make changes safely & economically Readability (and why comments are a cop-out) Complexity and the ways it hurts us Duplication (and how removing it can reveal better designs) Dependencies and how to minimise the "Ripple Effect" The presentation will include demonstrations using Visual Studio, ReSharper & NUnit.

Jason Gorman

Jason Gorman is a software development practitioner, trainer and coach based in London with 25 years' experience working with teams in a wide range of industries through his company Codemanship.

Serverless MapReduce with .NET

Do you want to process huge amounts of data (e.g. server logs) in a scalable & parallel fashion, while using your favourite tool set? Do you want to ask some questions of an interesting data set, but you feel limited to RDMS & NoSQL? Do you feel that, just because .NET is your language of choice, that you are a second-class (programming) citizen when it comes to available MapReduce tools?

In this talk Chris will discuss the pros and cons of leveraging the MapReduce programming model in a serverless cloud environment with .NET, and show a real world example -- from architecture right down to the code.

There'll be:

  • an introduction to MapReduce (no prior knowledge on big data or MapReduce is required)

  • a discussion on what serverless really means, and an introduction to the options available

  • a worked example of serverless MapReduce with .NET, aiming to answer real questions with real data.

Chris Priest

Chris Priest has been working in & around .NET for the last 15 years in a career that has spanned financial institutions, small startups, and worldwide e-commerce platforms. On a day-to-day basis, he is a hands-on Technical Lead / Architect at cloud consultancy Amido.

Making the Windows Command-Line Great Again.

Rich Turner

Rich is a Senior Program Manager who returned to Microsoft in March 2016 to "Make Windows Command Line Great Again" (MWCLGA). Rich is so old he's worked on too many things to list, but highlights include the computerized weapon aiming systems, graphics accelerators, recruitment systems, UK Government Gateway, Windows Communication Foundation (nee "Indigo"), Windows CardSpace, and Visual Studio 2005-2010, HBO GO, Windows Subsystem for Linux, and Windows Console. Any jokes about grey hair/beard will be met with scorn!

Tara Raj

Tara is a Program Manager at Microsoft working on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Previously, she worked on the V1 of new tools for SQL Server on Linux including SQL Operations Studio and the mssql-scripter CLI. Her passion for the command line and Linux has transferred over to her work on WSL. Fun fact: a lot of the Windows Console code is older than she is!

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