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London HalfStack- May

Tuesday, 8th May at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London HalfStack in May 2018


The Next Generation of Reactive Programming

New JS language features and APIs have opened up better ways of solving these problems, and we will be taking a look at some of these and how they might be used to write the next generation of reactive programming framework.

Jason Green

Jason’s passion for the digital world has taken him across the entire spectrum of the creative process, from conceptualisation to implementation. Jason is now a Principal Developer at Threads Styling, building the system to manage social content that will power the future of chat commerce. While Jason is engaged in all stages of the development of this mission-critical application, he also finds time to get his colleagues playing the odd board game at lunch too.

Exploring Web Workers for Smoother UX

This means complex and heavy JavaScript functions can block the main thread from rendering. This results in low frame rates and low interactivity for things like scrolling and input, providing a poor user experience. In this talk we explore the idea of using Web Workers to free the main thread for rendering for performant and smooth web applications.

James Milner

James is a fullstack software developer with a history of building immersive web applications with both corporates and startups.

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