Monday, 19th March in London

This meetup was organised by The London Python Group in March 2018


Don't miss this month's London Python Group event, where we're joined by Simon Riggs and Ana Balica! Learn more about Python in your database and what it means to be a good developer. Check it out!

Python Inside Your Database

PostgreSQL allows you to write stored functions and procedures in many languages, including Python. New facilities will be available in PostgreSQL 11, so this is a good time for a wide ranging discussion around this.

Simon Riggs

Simon has architected various large and complex applications using database tech for companies across UK and Europe. He is now a Major Contributor to the PostgreSQL project and a strong proponent of non-relational approaches.

Humanising Among Coders

What makes a good developer? Certainly technical expertise, insightfulness, creativity, thoughtfulness. What about daily social interactions with other developers inside the company and community? Those are never easy. Even though we all try to be nice to each other, sometimes unintentionally we can be a bit off. I'd like to share with you some stories that helped me rationalize some of my own communication and human interaction mistakes and how I'm trying to correct them.

Ana Balica

Ana is a back-end developer. She enjoys designing clean APIs, pocking into legacy code and taking detours into strange worlds like the one of Elixir.

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