Meet up

WAL: everything you want to know

Monday, 19th March in London

This meetup was organised by London PostgreSQL Users Group in March 2018


WAL: everything you want to know

In this talk, I will mention about everything about WAL that a PostgreSQL DBA must know:
- What is WAL?
- What does it include?
- How to read it?
- What about wal_level?
- Replication and WAL
- Backup and WAL
- PITR and WAL
- Other topics

Devrim Gündüz

Devrim Gündüz is a long-time PostgreSQL, Red Hat, Fedora contributor, and also working on some more open source projects. His career started as a system administrator, and now he is working as Principle Systems Engineer at EnterpriseDB.

Multiple Postgre Clusters on RedHat/CentOS

Greg Clough

Greg has over 25 years of DBA experience, spanning multiple continents and industries. For the past 6 years he's been working with PostgreSQL, implementing and solving problems for large corporate clients. Currently he's the Senior Technology Engineer at Ipreo, a FinTech in London.

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