Meet up

What Does Big Data Mean to Our Customers?

Wednesday, 28th March in London

This meetup was organised by Big Data LDN in March 2018


What Does Big Data Mean to Our Customers?

For those of us that are familiar with, and live in the world of Big Data, it’s becoming more mainstream and second nature to us. But what about those people that have never heard of Big Data? What difference can it make to them? How can we use it to affect their daily lives? Does it even matter?

Together with MRM Meteorite & easyJet we hope to demonstrate some examples of how Big Data powers customer engagement and improves experience and interactions with brands, and what that means to us, as businesses and customers. From a brief look at how Microsoft have used Big Data within Skype to gather a better understanding of their product use and customer behaviour, to a more detailed view on easyJet’s journey to build their next Big Data Platform; The Data Hub. A Data Hub that will make data available right across the business – providing a single source of the truth for their data scientists to be able to connect and draw meaning from previously disparate data sets, and that will become the cornerstone of their personalisation strategy on the web, mobile, in contact centres, and on board.

So even if your customers have never heard of Big Data, there’s a good chance they are already being positively impacted by its use.

Karl White

Owner, Karl White Consulting

Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips - Head of Data & Experience Strategy, MRM Meteorite

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